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Italian Community


The influence of the early wave of Italian migration to Melbourne is omnipresent but the Italian-born community is in decline. It's an ageing community, with almost 40 per cent of Italian-born Melburnians aged 75 and older.

The Italian community in Lalor, placed a great importance to the Parish of Saint Luke. With the Italians, Australians and Maltese, our parish is also a sign of unity and knows no national or cultural Boundaries. It is such unity that helps us to work together to maintain the content of faith to respond the people of Saint Luke.

In our days the Italian community is very strong.  We have Italian mass every Sunday at 10:00 am and Wednesday at 9:00 am. Most Italians attend mass on Sundays, visit the cemetery to attend to loved one’s graves and will pray daily alone or in a group also using the aid of rosary beads.

Older Italians may have icons on their homes such as pictures of saints, the holy family and statuettes of the Madonna and Jesus.

Many Italians families would have affiliations with the parish and give practical assistance when necessary.

St. Luke’s Parish always try to widen its horizon and make a continual effort to be a community open to everyone.

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