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St. John XXIII Catholic Primary school 



St. John XXIII is a Catholic Primary school located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne providing a vibrant and comprehensive learning environment for children from Year Prep to Six. St. John XXIII Primary School was established in 1974 as a second school in the Parish of St Luke's Lalor. The school maintains a strong and valuable connection to the Parish guided by the mission of the Scalabrinian Fathers.


We believe St. John XXIII Catholic Primary School provides a faith-filled environment based on the gospel values. We encourage all of the


We aim to empower our children to develop belief in themselves and others, to become independent and interdependent lifelong learners, able to achieve their full potential academically, socially, spiritually and physically.

Together we strive to foster in children a resilience to meet challenges in their lives and to look for solutions. We endeavour to provide children with the skills and confidence to view their future and the future of the world with optimism and to make a positive contribution to society through making wise choices.

We believe respect, cooperation and open communication between staff, children, families and the wider community is central to providing a safe, stimulating and fun environment. We aim to develop in children an appreciation and tolerance of different cultures.

We encourage the students to respect themselves, respect others, respect property and their environment.

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