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The Australian Bishops have identified the liturgical year of 2018, beginning on the first Sunday of Advent (3rd December 2017), as a national Year of Youth.


The Year of Youth invites the church into dialogue about the importance and life-giving presence of young people in the Church and society. It calls for dialogue and active engagement focused on the reconnection and renewal of a new generation of young people in the life of the Church.

The Year of Youth aims:

•prayerfully discern the Australian Bishops vision for ministry with young people, Anointed and Sent;

•authentic and personal engagement by Church leaders in the challenges and success in young people’s lives;

•acknowledging the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of young people, and young people acting upon the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church; and

•upholding the dignity of young people, ensuring a safe environment from physical, emotional and spiritual harm.

The Year of Youth is focused on local renewal and engagement.

Supporting initiatives and resources to support the Year of Youth will be available online in early 2017.

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