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Sacrificial Giving Program


The Giving Program provides an opportunity for Parishioners to make regular donations to the Parish, in support of the running costs of the Church and the services it provides to the community.  Not only is your contribution a way of supporting the Church financially, but it also encourages you to actively live the Gospel message.Giving is a fundamental principle of Christian life.

God creates within the Christian's heart, a desire to give, and we derive great joy by fulfilling that desire.  Devotional-sacrificial-giving is one of the best forms of devotional-thanksgiving. It means donating cheerfully in support of God’s work. The best place you can plough back what God has given to you is in sponsoring the work of God.

Parishioners are welcome to join the Sacrificial Giving Program here at St Luke’s.  There are many payment methods available.   Please contact one of the Priests or the Parish Office where we can provide you with the best option that suits your circumstances.

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